license key

  1. M

    I have just flashed another ROM on my Android, and I can't use my premium licence.

    Can you please help me with some informations for that matter? Is there anything I can do? It's the same terminal, only another ROM, actually the Cyanogen MOD. Please,
  2. B

    problem with purchased premium license key

    hi dear recently i purchased premium version of Adguard for my new samsung galaxy s7 edge for 1 year 1 device mobile protection cost me $ 8.95 but it actually cost me 11.01 Euro, i am really happy with it , but tonight my phone got some problems so i did my phone firmware restocked after...
  3. S

    paypal purchase failure??

    with less than 2 full days into my 14-day trial, I purchased adguard for 2 devices and paid with paypal. the paypal process went smoothly as expected, and the webpage returned "Thank you for purchasing Adguard!" and provided me with a license key password. I also received an email receipt from...