1. S

    [Resolved]License Problem

    Hello. I have a lifetime license for mobile version 1 year ago. When I tried to activate the license, I received the warning that the usage right was expired. However, I tried to use the license on the same phone for re-installing the program after format. I'm waiting for your immediate help on...
  2. D

    Buy a license with Google Pay not working

    Hi, trying to buy a license using my Google Pay service. After choosing a card, google pay service dialog has closing and I have an AdGuard site's error dialog that something gone wrong. Is it possible to buy in that way?
  3. Shonky

    Just purchased two lifetime licenses

    Just purchased two AdGuard macOS lifetime licenses because I couldn't be more happier! Keep up the good work!
  4. G

    Unbind but failed

    Hello, I have tried unbind my license to my android tablet, but always failed. In tablet license status not change, and in my personal account still see my android tablet connected. I have tried 4 times and still get same result. Is unbind cannot remove license from device??? Please for...
  5. T

    Cannot renew licences from Germany - payment processor won't accept ANY form of payment

    Hi all, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, I'm just getting something that I can only describe as a mix of being desperate and infuriated. I purchased a 1-year license about a year ago. Adguard is by and large the best blocker out there and I don't know what I would do without it. So...
  6. J

    Renewing more expensive than buying new.

    Today I got an email in which I was told to renew my license because it would expire soon. It said renewing is cheaper than buying new. Now I found out if I renew my license I would have to pay 29,90 E for one year, If I buy new I will have to pay 19,95 or 14,95 E for one year. How can this be ?
  7. C

    License Needed For AdGuard?

    I downloaded AdGuard and I wonder if the license is needed to use AdGuard. Can you use AdGuard and expect it to work without a license?