1. Shonky

    Just purchased two lifetime licenses

    Just purchased two AdGuard macOS lifetime licenses because I couldn't be more happier! Keep up the good work!
  2. G

    Unbind but failed

    Hello, I have tried unbind my license to my android tablet, but always failed. In tablet license status not change, and in my personal account still see my android tablet connected. I have tried 4 times and still get same result. Is unbind cannot remove license from device??? Please for...
  3. T

    Cannot renew licences from Germany - payment processor won't accept ANY form of payment

    Hi all, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, I'm just getting something that I can only describe as a mix of being desperate and infuriated. I purchased a 1-year license about a year ago. Adguard is by and large the best blocker out there and I don't know what I would do without it. So...
  4. J

    Renewing more expensive than buying new.

    Today I got an email in which I was told to renew my license because it would expire soon. It said renewing is cheaper than buying new. Now I found out if I renew my license I would have to pay 29,90 E for one year, If I buy new I will have to pay 19,95 or 14,95 E for one year. How can this be ?
  5. C

    License Needed For AdGuard?

    I downloaded AdGuard and I wonder if the license is needed to use AdGuard. Can you use AdGuard and expect it to work without a license?