1. C

    I am having trouble with my install of AdGuard Home on a AWS Debian VPS

    I have created a VPS through AWS and SSHed into it, I did a apt update and then pasted this command: curl -s -S -L | sh -s -- -v It all installed and gave me a few links to follow to complete setup, when I...
  2. N

    AdGuard Home в Docker + DoT

    Всем доброго дня! Задача: Обрабатывать DNS запросы с устройств локальной сети с фильтрацией рекламы и трекеров Обрабатывать DNS запросы с Android-смартфонов в глобальной сети с той же целью Что сейчас: Конфиг машины: Есть домен, белый IP, роутер и линукс-сервер под роутером с ограниченным...
  3. C

    AdGuard Home Issue - Unable to access DoT / DoH

    Hi, I hope you all are staying safe and doing well amid the current pandemic circumstances, just came across the following issue: I've setup AdGuard Home on Ubuntu 18.04 over Linode, the setup involves configuration of a sub-domain for the purposes of serving as a hostname and relevant...
  4. K

    AdGuard for Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Pop, Cent, Debian, Manjaro, Zorin,.....)

    Opened issue in repository was closed so badly! :oops: Any ETA for this product request? (No space in this forum for linux then i thought to post here) (Please mark this post sticky)
  5. I

    Linux Release?

    Hello, I really like your adblocker, but I am on Linux, so I can't use an app for this. Sorry that this is in Windows, I just thought it would be a place checked often.
  6. kalistiana

    Adguard With Stubby On MacOS & Linux

    Hello How do I configure Adguard Family DNS with Stubby to use DNSoverTLS. There are these fields I need to fill address_data: tls_port: 853 tls_auth_name: "" tls_pubkey_pinset: digest: "sha256" value: ??? What data should I...
  7. H

    Update error AdGuardHome Linux

    Hi, Since there is no forum for Linux I create a thread here. I followed the update instructions on GitHub: At the moment, the update procedure is manual: Download the new AdGuard Home binary. Replace the old file with the new one. Restart AdGuard Home. But my AdGuardHome server crashed...