1. Q

    Not sure which filters to keep on

    Sup all, I recently installed Adguard for Windows and Android, and because I didn't know any better, I downloaded and installed more than 80 filters. I don't wanna erase to default because there is a lot of things I've changed in the settings, so I would like to ask what filters are the best...
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    Уберите рекламу(интерактив) на Rutube(List) Premier плиз

    Уберите рекламу(интерактив) на Rutube(List) Premier пожалуйста Пример, вылазит реклама перед просмотром:
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    Exclusions using wildcards

    Hello, First of all, great job with the product :) I am coming from Admuncher as it seems that, sadly the cow is dead now. So my question is regarding exclusions. How do I add exclusions for certain sites or IP addresses using wildcard characters? For example, I want to exclude ALL IP's that...