1. G

    Outdated filters

    The following included filters are quite outdated: Fanboy's Anti-Facebook List (19 mo) NoCoin Filter List (1.5 mo) BarbBlock (19 mo) This will lead to broken rules. Alternatives should be found.
  2. Q

    Not sure which filters to keep on

    Sup all, I recently installed Adguard for Windows and Android, and because I didn't know any better, I downloaded and installed more than 80 filters. I don't wanna erase to default because there is a lot of things I've changed in the settings, so I would like to ask what filters are the best...
  3. S

    2 dumb questions..... HELP!!!

    This question is related to AdGuard for Apple iOS Version 4.0.4 I have two dumb questions..... Question #1 If I go to ( Settings -> Safari Protection -> Filters ) these list are listed by default as options to turn on. (Base filter, Mobile Ad Filters, Easy List, Easy List, Peter Lowe’s...