log viewer

  1. N

    Filtering log not showing blocks

    I am no longer getting the data of blocked ads/trackers through the filtering log, it is only showing me dns results. I have 1.3m rules with 8 filters, it all worked fine about 3 days ago, i haven't changed anything. 7.5.3
  2. J

    [Resolved]Block/filter via filter log file

    Hi! I may have missed this on the forum or by looking for it in the Windows application itself but I miss this feature. I mean, I've used this feature on the Android-app and I'm wondering why this isn't possible in a simple way on desk/laptop. I just go to the log-file, check the activity and...
  3. UMX

    Export/import Filtering Log

    1) Especially when searching/giving help to debug websites I sincerely miss an option to export Filtering Log, so instead sending a dozen screenshots each showing 1 single (expanded) entry¹ one can send 1 single tiny file. For the above to be of much use an import/LogViewer function was needed...