1. d0x

    Never stay logged into sites

    I'm having an issue with 1st party cookies (I assume). Every time i visit a site in any browser I usually have to login again even if I check keep me logged in. A couple hours later I'll go to the site and need to login yet again. I can't figure out why, I've checked my Adguard settings and...
  2. N

    How to log in into iOS app using sign in with Apple?

    Hello, I was unable to find solution and feel dumb. I have a premium AdGuard account and on the computer I login by clicking apple icon and I have access to my account. My license is enabled on 0 devices because when I try to login in the app on my iPhone I cannot find an option to login using...
  3. d0x

    [Resolved]Possible its blocking a router login page?

    I had a Nighthawk xr500 but i upgraded to a Archer AX6000. I use the same gateway address for both, Problem is i cant load the Archers settings, the browser always says its blocked like there is a network error. I even did 2 fresh browser installs to check on those any i still...
  4. F

    Login issue

    Hi, i can't login with the windows app. First try: i tried login with username and password --> wrong password Second try : reset password and again --> wrong password Third try: enable 2FA --> now password is ok but 2FA token is not valid. Fourth try: Unistalled using the tool (Advanced...
  5. d0x

    LastPass question

    I have adguard setup to NOT route LastPass traffic through it and I also have LastPass setup so I don't have to constantly login and I've also shut off battery optimization so Android isn't closing it. However multiple times a day on my note 10+ Im being logged out of LastPass. The timing of...
  6. Gass

    AdGuard & Ymail - no go

    Just in a day or two and ymail now requires the total disabling of Adguard to log in. I tried to just untick "Stealth Mode" of Adguard and see if that was it, but no - while SM being unticked and trying to login again same notice (below). Still same unticked SM and a total disable of Adguard was...