1. Ghost-Hardware

    AdGuard DNS DoH logs : where can I see blocked trackers?

    Hey everyone, So I'm currently using AdGuard on macOS Monterey with AdGuard VPN. I have DoH enabled with AdGuard DNS as DNS server and the browser extension installed. Private Relay is disabled. On iOS, I can see all blocked trackers and ads on the analytics menu of AdGuard Pro which is very...
  2. J

    Help understanding recent log events

    Does anyone know what these might be related to in recent events? I have Adguard and Adguard VPN and was using Netflix app on iPhone at the time: lb._dns-sd._udp. lb._dns-sd._udp. lb._dns-sd._udp.
  3. I

    2.11.76B fast draining battery

    i see Filtering Log can't disable please add this option for save battery and why this beta use battery so much then old version?
  4. G

    ClosedChannelException - Not blocking YouTube ads

    I got the above exception as a result of which I am able to see ads in YouTube
  5. G

    [ANDROID] Can I view which URLs does an app connect to?

    I would like to know that if I. An know which URLs an app is connecting to (including HTTPS) protocol. I mean the complete URLs including the GET parameters and full page path. This helps the user in identifying the ad URLs of a particular app which are not identified by Adguard previously so...
  6. Gass


    If Adguard could also log these sites for us and offer a feature for us to add this info. - so as something like rickz said in post #1 on https://forum.adguard.com/index.php?threads/adguard-malware-blocking-options.14787/#post-106872 But really never open or warn if an entry was added, and...