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    With Adguard Desktop 2.4 Adguard Assistant icon not clickable

    I now have 2 extensions - the old Safari set of extensions (1.7.4) - and Adguard Assistant. Even though it's enabled in Safari's prefs the icon not clickable and shows it's paused. I don't know what that means and whether Assistant runs. Do I need the old Safari extension? Safari 13.1.1 on macOS...
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    Mac OS Catalina Kernal Panic w/AD Guard v2.0.6.559 release

    Hello, Since I upgraded to Mac OS Catalina AD Guard is causing my Mac to Kernal Panic. If I quit it and don't let it run then I have no issues. When I run the following command in terminal to find out why my Mac shut down I get the following: log show --predicate 'eventMessage contains...
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    [*] Mac-Opera adblock detection

    Hi, Is this normal that under this link: I get following message in video box I also don't see the adguard button in the bottom right and after clicking "reload" from this message I get some ads.
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    AdGuard not compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion?

    Hello, I tried to install AdGuard for mac on a Mac with OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) but I got the following message: Yet, in your knowledgebase article for AdGuard for Mac, you state the following: So how can I install AdGuard so it works with OS X 10.8?
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    AdGuard Mac Question

    I have the ad guard app for Mac OS. Some Questions 1. Do I still need to install browser extensions of Safari and Chrome if I have the MacOS desktop version of Adguard running? 2. If not, how do I easily whitelist a website that is causing problems with Adblock 3. How do I hide the Adguard...
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    [*] Missed ads on

    Ads visible on all message threads on Couple of examples: If I block the ad with Bock ads on this website...