1. D

    Adguard filtering's not working with hostpot shield

    Hi everyone, I've been using Adguard for the past couple of years and I love it. But since the last update, I have a problem. It seems like Adguard is not filtering the VPN's traffic and doesn't block any ads or anything. I tried different settings and solutions but nothing works. Does anyone...
  2. W

    Mac (Ventura 13.2.1) Configuration Profile not working.

    Mac (Ventura 13.2.1) Configuration Profile not working. Mac Configuration Profile downloaded from this URL is not working in: MacBook Air (M1) Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68) The same profile installed in iOS (iPhone and iPad) is working perfectly. DNS Setting...
  3. A

    Встречайте AdGuard для macOS 2.9.0 бета

    Новая бета-версия AdGuard для Mac готова порадовать вас полезными улучшениями! Мы обновили функционал Журнала фильтрации: теперь можно добавлять правила прямо из него всего лишь одним нажатием кнопки. Также мы перенесли прокси-настройки из Расширенных настроек, в которые редко заглядывает...
  4. A

    Meet AdGuard for macOS 2.9.0 beta

    The new beta of AdGuard for Mac is ready to please you with useful improvements! We've upgraded the Filtering log functionality: now you can add rules directly from it with just a click of a button. We've also moved proxy settings from the Advanced settings, which are rarely accessed by the...
  5. C

    Mac Monterey 12.3.1

    Hi there, Is it true, that Adguard ain't working since you have updated from 12.3 to 12.3.1? Cause after I did a clear reinstall of my mac, it's automatic disable the guard-functions. I have tried with both SIP enabled or disabled, as I saw as solution in another forum. So any who has a...
  6. K

    How to backup/export settings on AdGuard for Mac?

    I can't find any button to export my settings, nor can I find any yaml file for it. So how can I back up the settings?
  7. B

    Problems with Adguard Mac.

    I use AdGuard and AdGuard VPN on my Mac and have problems with both. 1. AdGuard for Mac If I specify "Network Extension" in the "Automatic Proxy Mode" in the automatic filtering settings to applications, I am always asked for additional permissions by the OS when I start my Mac. I work around...
  8. B

    All communications will be blocked

    I have Adguard VPN set to start when my Mac starts up and I have been unable to communicate when I start up my Mac for a few days now. I can open the Network item in System Preferences at startup and remove from DNS to enable communication. Before I changed my DNS, the Adugard VPN...
  9. M

    [Resolved]AdGuard not blocking ads when Freedom app is in use

    My AdGuard is not working when Freedom (productivity app) is in use. Anyone idea's why?
  10. C

    User Azure Data Studio to connect with and SQL Server running inside Docker

    Hello, I use Azure Data Studio (for Mac) to connect to my Azure SQL database, both in Azure and locally running SQL Server on linux inside a Docker container. With both I cannot connect when I have AdGuard running. Anyone has a suggestion what could cause this? Thanks so much, Marco
  11. N

    Need help to watch embedded tweets on ios

    Hi. I’ve been struggling to get embedded tweets to be seen on sites in my ipad, for example, in this page: I’ve been reading online for potential solutions and the most common one I saw was to turn off Fanboy’s...
  12. T

    Adguard won't enable/activate/turn on

    I just turn it off. So I can't reactivate it. I click on the button but nothing happens. No messages, no error, nothing. I'm using a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019) with Catalina 10.15.6
  13. R

    AdGuard Nightly Big Sur Setup

    Hello, how can I get AdGuard Nightly working with my SetApp subscription to get AdGuard working on Big Sur? Regards Robert
  14. S

    With Adguard Desktop 2.4 Adguard Assistant icon not clickable

    I now have 2 extensions - the old Safari set of extensions (1.7.4) - and Adguard Assistant. Even though it's enabled in Safari's prefs the icon not clickable and shows it's paused. I don't know what that means and whether Assistant runs. Do I need the old Safari extension? Safari 13.1.1 on macOS...
  15. H

    [Resolved]AdGuard is not installed or configured incorrectly

    So I installed AdGuard and got a Lifetime Standard AdGuard license which is currently Active, and I also allowed it onto my System Preferences, and it told me to install the extension for Google Chrome, I installed it and when I was finished setting up AdGuard, I tested it by going to a random...
  16. kalistiana

    Adguard With Stubby On MacOS & Linux

    Hello How do I configure Adguard Family DNS with Stubby to use DNSoverTLS. There are these fields I need to fill address_data: tls_port: 853 tls_auth_name: "" tls_pubkey_pinset: digest: "sha256" value: ??? What data should I...
  17. H

    [Resolved] Unable to hide element by class

    I'm trying to hide div elements on which have a class starting with "AdCard". An example is: <div class="AdCard__card--2Kzyq SearchResult__adBanner--Eu7kz"> I have tried user rules like these:[class^="AdCard"]...
  18. S

    Adguard for Mac 1.4.1 in an endless crash loop

    All of sudden started crashing on 10.7.5. When Wi-Fi is off I hit "Report" without writing anything it stops crashing followed by the notification "Protection is disabled" (all buttons turn red) but resumes doing so as soon as Wifi is switched on. Several times I saw the message "Adguard...
  19. zebrum

    AdGuard for Maс v2.3.2

    After looking closer at the last beta we decided it was good enough to become a little proud release all by itself. It’s mostly focused on fixing network- and UI-related bugs, but there’s also a new Stealth Mode parameter to block Java. [Added] “Block Java” option to Stealth Mode #476 [Added]...
  20. A

    [AdGuard for Mac] Бета версия 2.3.1

    Дорогу к AdGuard 2.3 для Mac мы начинаем с выпуска этой сравнительно небольшой бета-версии. Она в основном про исправления мелких сетевых ошибок и багов интерфейса. Мы также добавили новый параметр Антитрекинга, для блокировки Java. [Добавлено] Опция Антитрекинга “Блокировать Java” #476...