1. zebrum

    [AdGuard для Mac] релиз 1.5.12

    Небольшое обновление. Мы временно отключили поддержку темной темы на Mojave OS для версии 1.5, т.к. были сосредоточены на технической части разработки для новой версии 2.0. В ближайшем большом обновлении нас ждут большие перемены, а пока: [Изменено] Отключена поддержка темной темы для Mojave...
  2. Alea

    AdGuard for Mac v1.5.10

    A small but important update that resolves to issues: [Fixed] AdGuard does not filter new Chrome 72 builds #349 [Fixed] AdGuard does not filter Brave Browser 0.55 unless you add it manually to the list of filtered apps #351 This build at GitHub Download this build here
  3. Alea

    [AdGuard для Mac] релиз 1.5.10

    Небольшое, но важное обновление, в котором исправлены следующие проблемы: [Исправлено] AdGuard не фильтрует Chrome 72 версии #349 [Исправлено] AdGuard не фильтрует Brave Browser версии 0.55 пока он не добавлен в список фильтруемых приложений вручную #351 Эта версия на GitHub Скачать новый билд
  4. Alea

    [AdGuard for Mac] v1.5.13 Beta

    In the anticipation of the AdGuard for Mac v2.0 big update (which is coming at the beginning of the 2019 and will have loads of new features), we really want to acquaint as many people with it as possible. And the biggest driving factor here is, of course, the ability to use the product in your...
  5. Alea

    [AdGuard для Mac] бета-версия 1.5.13

    Мы вовсю готовимся к выходу версии 2.0 AdGuard для Mac, правда, решили приберечь большое обновление уже на следующий год. А пока у нас череда маленьких, сегодня мы решили порадовать наших зарубежных пользователей и добавили в приложение несколько новых локализаций. Для самых любопытных: речь...
  6. F

    VideoMasti Club

    Site: Setup: AG Browser Extension Thumbnail blocked on this page and other pages. Please unblock it. Thanks.
  7. O

    AdGuard don let to load

    Hello, I have AdGuard Desktop for mac version 1.5.8 (455) and Mac OSX 10.13.6 The issue is related to the web site were AdGuard mess with it. The site loads at the first page when the QR code is shown, but when I capture that code with my Smartphone, nothing...
  8. phil.thecreator


    Когда пытаешься скачать файлы, не дает торрент файл, пока не отключишь адгвард, чтобы открылась рекламная страница и если нажмешь на этой странице "пропустить рекламу" то потом после ссылок выдает таки ссылку на торрент файл. Adguard mac
  9. R

    Adguard Mac totally messes up Firefox Mac - HELP

    I have had to install Firefox 61.0.1 to run a publishing system. On my Mac Mini with no Adguard everything is fine On my MacBook with AG 1.5.8 it blocks every website saying "Your Connection is Not Insecure" and insisting that totally valid site certificates are invalid. I can't even log into...
  10. A

    Differences between mac app and chrome extension

    If the only browser I use is Chrome, is there any advantage to using Adguard for Mac instead of the Chrome extension?
  11. X

    AdGuard not compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion?

    Hello, I tried to install AdGuard for mac on a Mac with OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) but I got the following message: Yet, in your knowledgebase article for AdGuard for Mac, you state the following: So how can I install AdGuard so it works with OS X 10.8?
  12. X

    What is adguard-tcpkill and why does it want to connect via the RAW port?

    What does adguard-tcpkill do and why does it seem to randomly want to establish outgoing connections via the RAW port? Also, unlike AgGuard itself, aguard-tcpkill is not signed. Why?
  13. L

    No HTTP/2 support?

    Hello, I just discovered, that when I use Adguard for Mac, browsers use HTTP instead of HTTP/2 protocol - I can see this in chrome console on network tab. Question is, why? It slows down page loading because of many, many advantages with HTTP/2.
  14. zebrum

    AdGuard for Mac v1.5.3

    Hello! We are on the verge of the year 2018, and what is a better time to release a new AdGuard for Mac version? :) As you will see with this update, a lot of major changes here relate to UI convenience and better user experience— in particular, filter subscription by URL deserves a separate...
  15. zebrum

    AdGuard для Mac, версия 1.5.3

    Привет! Мы уже практически на пороге нового, 2018 года, и разве можно найти лучшее время для выпуска новой версии AdGuard для Mac? :) Как вы скоро увидите, большое число крупных изменений в этой версии затрагивает интерфейс программы и в целом служит для упрощения жизни пользователя. В...
  16. zebrum

    [AdGuard for Mac] v1.5.5 RC

    v1.5.5 RC This update brings just one small fix and becomes our new release candidate! [Changed] Adguard downgrades TLS version in case of connection error #300 This build at GitHub Download this build here
  17. zebrum

    [AdGuard для Mac] релиз-кандидат 1.5.5

    v1.5.5 RC Это обновление несет в себе лишь одно небольшое исправление и становится нашим новым кандидатом на релиз. [Изменено] В случае ошибки соединения Adguard понижает версию TLS #300 Эта версия на GitHub Скачать новый билд
  18. zebrum

    [AdGuard for Mac] v1.5.1 beta

    Here’s a first AdGuard for Mac beta in a while. Why are they so rare? Because AdGuard for Mac is nigh perfect, of course! Jokes aside, we did some serious work here, further upgrading the ad blocking and improving the UI. Changelog at Github...
  19. J

    AdGuard Mac Question

    I have the ad guard app for Mac OS. Some Questions 1. Do I still need to install browser extensions of Safari and Chrome if I have the MacOS desktop version of Adguard running? 2. If not, how do I easily whitelist a website that is causing problems with Adblock 3. How do I hide the Adguard...
  20. J

    AdGuard breaks Amazon Video (UK) on MacOS (Safari/Browser/Chrome)

    Hi, OS: MacOS 10.12.6 Browser: all in title, focussing on Safari 10.1.2 Problem: Amazon Video ( won't play with ad blocking enabled. In detail: on clicking a thumbnail or Resume link, the Amazon video player loads, plays a trailer, but when it's finished will output a 7031 error code...