1. A

    iCloud Private Relay - Not Working on Ventura 13.3

    Hi everyone! First time posting on the AdGuard forum here. I have an AdGuard Pro Lifetime license, and I have been using AdGuard for the past two months. After upgrading to macOS Ventura 13.3, AdGuard seems to not work with iCloud Private Relay anymore. However, I have made sure to turn the...
  2. C

    Waiting for

    Hello! I am planning to stop my fibre optic subscription to only use a tethering connection. So I start to use everything I need with the tethering connection, and it looks webpages don't want to load, Chrome is showing at the bottom left "Waiting for" and nothing happens...
  3. Ghost-Hardware

    AdGuard DNS DoH logs : where can I see blocked trackers?

    Hey everyone, So I'm currently using AdGuard on macOS Monterey with AdGuard VPN. I have DoH enabled with AdGuard DNS as DNS server and the browser extension installed. Private Relay is disabled. On iOS, I can see all blocked trackers and ads on the analytics menu of AdGuard Pro which is very...
  4. K

    Adguard stopped blocking ads after Macos monterey 12 beta 4 update. Please help

    It is like the title says my adguard has stopped blocking ads after installing the new beta (from 12 beta 3 to 12 beta 4). If someone could help me with this that would be amazing.
  5. S

    Adguard for mac is really too slow to load web pages

    I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem. adguard for mac loads web pages at least three times slower than the adguard browser plugin. In Firefox, it always shows "parsing" I am not using any anti-virus software, although I am using little snitch, but when I use...
  6. TheHadouJHyrule

    Issues with Free Version of AdGuard VPN

    I’ve been using AdGuard VPN on my M1 Mac and iPhone without a license, and at a certain point, the VPN stops working properly altogether. I tried to sync with iMessage in iCloud, run some apps that use the internet, even try to open a webpage, but none of them work. I eventually shut down the...
  7. ammnt

    При включенной фильтрации сайт не работает по неизвестной причине (Chrome и Safari). Технические данные (macOS) в подписи. При добавлении в исключения грузится нормально. Отключение отдельно антитрекинга не помогает. Отключение отдельных фильтров не помогает. Логи в приложении.
  8. N

    AdGuard not working on a multi-user computer

    Hi! Basically AdGaurd works as expected on one user, but when using a different user, AdGaurd is open and running, but somehow not “active”. The only way to get it to work is to click “Reset Settings...”. But even after I do that, when I go back into my other user account, I will have to do...
  9. ammnt

    Пользовательские скрипты для macOS

    Добрый день. Просьба запланировать в 2.0 добавление функционала пользовательских скриптов в приложение для macOS. Использовать ради лишь одного RU Adlist JS Fixes старую версию Tampermonkey, работающую с перебоями не очень хочется.
  10. Shonky

    Just purchased two lifetime licenses

    Just purchased two AdGuard macOS lifetime licenses because I couldn't be more happier! Keep up the good work!
  11. Jecht_Sin

    Adguard blocking captive network

    At work I connect to WiFi via a Captive Network. That means I do the following: - The WiFi at work shows as open - I connect my MBP to it - A popup window shows, which asks for the credentials - I authenticate - After that I have connection to the Internet The problem is that when Adguard is...
  12. X

    AdGuard not compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion?

    Hello, I tried to install AdGuard for mac on a Mac with OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion) but I got the following message: Yet, in your knowledgebase article for AdGuard for Mac, you state the following: So how can I install AdGuard so it works with OS X 10.8?
  13. F

    [Resolved] - audio but no video - Safari (Mac) specific

    Adguard 1.50/ Safari 11.0.1/ Mac OS 10.13.1/ English Filter, Spyware Filter (note: same for all videos at No video, accompanying audio does play. whitelisting site - does NOT work...
  14. speedy

    Intelligent Tracking Prevention

    Hi folks! I'm sure you are working hard to make this amazing extension fully compatible with the new version of Safari browser coming to us September 25th. Could you explain how this extension will cooperate with the subj? Thanks.
  15. Woitler

    Партнёрская программа AdGuard Ad Blocker, AdGuard VPN и AdGuard DNS - Как это работает?

    Для использования партнёрской программы AdGuard, Вам необходимо: 1. Пройти регистрацию на сайте партнёрской программы. 2. Ознакомиться и принять условия использования. 3. Выбрать валюту счёта: рубли, доллары или евро. Не открывается сайт партнёрской программы AdGuard, что случилось и что теперь...
  16. Kalisko

    Приложение AdGuard или браузерное расширение?

    День добрый! Возник такой вопрос - что работает лучше: приложение или расширение для Safari? Пробовал и то, и другое - есть ощущение, что расширение работает побыстрее (хотя может это самовнушение). В работе приложения несколько смущает потребление оперативной памяти - при запуске 155 мб (даже...