1. L

    lmao adguard.apk rated with 100/100 malicious scoring

    lol bro adguard.apk being rated 100/100 malicious scoring on kinda funny check it out ig lol, probably a false positive... or maybe not. Continue the thread if you feel like it
  2. Z

    Remove ads in the app

    Hello! Please remove the annoying offer to install AdGuard VPN in the settings. Especially now that your VPN is banned in Russian Federation. This offer looks like a mockery and inducement to violate the law. Please remove the annoying advertising object from your settings.
  3. VasqueZ

    dischrdapp This site introduces a virus to the computer. Malware and phishing
  4. Shubam16

    Fake sites. Potential Malware #Trojan #adware # Potential Malware #adware # Fake Gen that will make u do surveys in exchange for malware/nothing # Malware
  5. kalistiana

    [Self Help Updated] How To Protect And/Or Sanitize Your Device Before/After Security Breach/Hack

    The post pinned here [] seems quite a bit outdated. Really outdated to be honest. Malwarebyes have been degraded its malware signature quality and 0day exploit protection is just isn't up to the...
  6. Roccobot

    Skip bloatware/malware pages from malicious adv-based URL shorteners

    Basically, a feature I recently discovered in uBlock Origin which I use at work: really handy (also improves security a lot), so I'd like to have the same in Adguard. Don't know if it's just a filter thing or if it has to be implemented specifically as a feature. Anyway, I enabled all the uBlock...
  7. d0x

    Guce advertising and what is it really?

    In recent weeks now points to Adguard blocks this which means it blocks EVERYTHING on Engadget which used to be (afaik) a trustworthy site for many years. So now no pages get loaded at least on Android, I haven't tested on PC. I've searched guce advertising...
  8. jatenk

    [*] Safari extension: IFTTT mail notification link and the site behind the redirection get blocked

    I get mail notifications from IFTTT for new posts on two specific subreddits; they link to followed by a random, individual sequence of characters which then redirects to the new post. They usually work perfectly, but today AdGuard's malware & phishing filter blocked one specific link...
  9. D

    Phishing and Malware Protection

    The desktop extension has phishing and malware protection. I'd like to see this added to the iOS version.
  10. yigido

    How to remove Adware and Malware - SELF HELP

    Hi Adguard Forum friends and visitors, I am yigido and I have enough knowledge for cleaning an infected PC. People around me called me "Geekbuddy" Before, I was not using Adguard or any adblocker on my browser and I saw many fake downloads and ads. Those ads are serving malicious installers and...
  11. R

    AdGuard malware Blocking Options

    Regards, if not much to ask, could be handy to have an option to not display the pop up website warning, it already bother to have many browser pages opened even if adguard blocked them. i know many people would like this feature think about it, the option will be like: Close malware website...
  12. Gass

    ProjectSauron malware

    "The actor behind ProjectSauron is very advanced, comparable only to the top-of-the top in terms of sophistication: alongside Duqu, Flame, Equation, and Regin," the Kaspersky researchers wrote. "Whether related or unrelated to these advanced actors, the ProjectSauron attackers have definitely...