microsoft edge

  1. arsa019

    Вопрос по Microsoft Edge

    Как вы сделали расширение (я имею в виду Адгард Помощник) на Microsoft Edge прежде чем там появилась поддержка расширений?
  2. A

    HTTPS fails in Edge with AdGuard after Win 10 Anniversary Update

    After installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update, all HTTPS requests from Microsoft Edge are failing (as if there's no Internet connection). HTTPS is regularly working from other browsers (including Internet Explorer 11). When AdGuard is turned off, Edge starts working correctly. AdGuard...
  3. iScriptShift

    WFP Network Driver Slow

    Hi there, so I am running a Trial of Adguard been a week and it's been really good. Looking forward to purchase it, it works just the way it should and the way I want it to be. But the only thing resisting me from buying right now is the Edge Blocking. I read on the forums the other day, I need...