1. K

    Filtering logs : network & preview tabs like PC

    Hello, I would like to suggest adding network and preview tabs on Adguard for Android's filtering log, like in PC (Windows for me). These allows to get more info on HTTP events, like request headers, response headers and response body. Thanks
  2. S

    AdGuard with Psiphon

    Hello. How could I make Psiphon to work with AdGuard? I saw other threads, like this one below: However, I couldn't figure out how to "configure proxy for each WiFi network manually", well actually...
  3. Gass

    Ditch the HTTPS Scanning feature of your Antivirus

    Sat. 11 March 2017 Users might be vulnerable while accessing secure HTTPS websites, and their antivirus is to blame. A thorough research (, conducted by experts at Mozilla Firefox, Google, Cloudflare and three American Universities, shows that...