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  1. zebrum

    AdGuard for Mac v1.5.3

    Hello! We are on the verge of the year 2018, and what is a better time to release a new AdGuard for Mac version? :) As you will see with this update, a lot of major changes here relate to UI convenience and better user experience— in particular, filter subscription by URL deserves a separate...
  2. zebrum

    AdGuard для Mac, версия 1.5.3

    Привет! Мы уже практически на пороге нового, 2018 года, и разве можно найти лучшее время для выпуска новой версии AdGuard для Mac? :) Как вы скоро увидите, большое число крупных изменений в этой версии затрагивает интерфейс программы и в целом служит для упрощения жизни пользователя. В...
  3. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Android v2.9.136

    v2.9.136 Hi! Some users started to encounter a network error while using applications (YouTube, Google Plus, Facebook Messenger and some others). This update is a hotfix for that problem #1334 As you can see, we have combined all of the control elements - add a new rule, clear the filter...
  4. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Android v2.9

    Hello! This is arguably the biggest we've changed our app since v2.5 or even since the introduction of the new design back in Adguard v2.0. Some of these changes were meant to be introduced only in the 3.0 version, but we couldn't wait any longer :) Significant changes to UI, the long hoped-for...
  5. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard Pro for iOS v1.2.1

    New Adguard Pro version is ready to make your web surfing experience better! v1.2.1 edit: we fixed some bugs of v1.2.0 and updated the translations. System-wide filtering We added a completely new feature - System-wide ad blocking. It is capable of filtering traffic of all apps, just like the...
  6. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for iOS v1.2.1

    The time has come for another version of Adguard for iOS to be released. v1.2.1 edit: we fixed some bugs of v1.2.0 and updated the translations User filter The User filter is different now, and by 'different' we mean 'better'! If you are an avid custom rules creator, you know the struggle of...
  7. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Windows v6.1.331

    This update might not be the biggest one, in a sense it doesn't feature any revolutionary additions or the immense number of changes. But it's surely a unique one, and it's because it is by far the most influenced by the user feedback. We sincerely thank everyone who has helped us! It is super...
  8. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Windows v6.1.314

    It was quite a while since the last Adguard for Windows release. And there are other reasons for that apart from the Christmas/New Year holidays: we'd been extensively testing the new network driver before, finally, we felt ready to include it in the new release version. But what is there for me...
  9. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for iOS 1.1.2

    This update for Adguard for iOS is mostly technical. Overall, it vastly increases the app's stability. [Improved] New filters server is now used instead of AG backend #200 You might not notice this change right away, but it is likely the most important one. Now HTTPS protocol is used to update...
  10. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard Pro for iOS v1.1.3

    This update for Adguard Pro gives users more options for fine-tuning the filtering, improves app's stability and makes it more friendly towards blind users and users with a visual impairment. Find all the details below. NOTE: for app to update correctly it is strongly recommended to disable DNS...
  11. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Mac 1.4.1 (377)

    v1.4.1 (377) IMPORTANT UPDATE: compatibility with Chrome 59 and newer. The changes are few, but crucial. v1.4.0 The Christmas came early this year for Adguard for Mac users - a new version comes out today :) It significantly improves ad blocking, namely introducing Extended CSS support and...
  12. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard Browser Extension v2.5.11

    Hello! v2.5.11 This is a minor update focused on fixing some bugs. As always, you can get the update from your browser extensions store or download it directly from our GitHub repository. [/spoiler]
  13. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Windows v6.1.298 R2

    This version should be considered as a revision of the Adguard for Windows 6.1 release. This is why you will not spot many 'major' changes - mostly bugfixes, small changes, improvements etc. More drastic changes will come eventually with 6.2 version. NOTE: currently new version is only...
  14. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Android v.2.8

    Hello! Finally, it's time for Adguard for Android 2.8 to come to light! It brings the ad blocking quality to the next level with several big novelties such as Simplified domain names filter or extended CSS support. Many new low-level settings will allow advanced users to customize app to their...
  15. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard Content Blocker v1.6.8

    v1.6.8 Hello! This version fixes some problems with filter updates. We remind you that the full changelog alongside with previous versions can be seen on GitHub. Content Blocker can be downloaded from Google Play.
  16. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard Pro for iOS v1.1.0

    Hello! We have great news - Pro version of Adguard for iOS is already available in AppStore! It is the same, familiar Adguard for iOS, but with additional features. The most important of them is ability to filter ads not only in Safari, but also in other apps and browsers. You can find out...
  17. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Windows v6.1.258

    Briefly about new Adguard for Windows version: Stealth Mode got new useful options, userscripts work better now, ad blocking became more advanced and our network drivers - more stable. All the details are below.
  18. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard browser extension v2.4.10

    After numerous Windows, Android and Mac releases, along with the introduction of Adguard DNS and Adguard Content Blocker, it is easy to forget about browser extensions. But we didn't! We are finally ready to present to you new version of Adguard browser extension. What's new? If you follow...
  19. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Android v.2.7

    Hi! We can't wait to tell you about new Adguard for Android version! It has a little bit for everyone. If you like to have everything under control and customize filtering for every app, check out new settings section - 'Apps & Statistics'. It is much easier now to make your apps behave...
  20. vasily_bagirov

    [AdGuard DNS] Beta

    Hi! Today we release a new addition to Adguard family - Adguard DNS (although it is only in beta state yet). For more details, check our blog article. Follow Adguard DNS current state on GitHub: Here you can discuss anything about it, ask your...