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  1. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for iOS v1.1.0

    New version features one big change - filters can now be updated not only over WiFi, but also over mobile data. This change is complemented by several other fixes, the addition of new localizations and cosmetic changes. [/spoiler] We remind you that you can download Adguard on iTunes, just...
  2. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Mac v.1.3.0

    Hello! Last Adguard for Mac version was released in February, so we felt a bit guilty and decided to release a new one :) There is quite a bit of various fixes and changes here, as you can see in the changelog below, but the most important, or rather the most impactful ones, are those that...
  3. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for Android v.2.6

    Hello everyone! It feels like we were releasing version 2.5 just yesterday, and yet we are ready to present to you a new one: Adguard for Android v.2.6! You will find quite a lot of improvements and new features there. Last version introduced HTTPs filtering, and in this one we made it faster...
  4. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard for iOS v.1.0.6

    Hello to all of Adguard for iOS users! We have some very good news for all of you! A new version came out today, and the most noticeable novelty of this release is a manual element blocker. Those who are familiar with Windows and Mac versions, or even Adguard browser extensions, already know...
  5. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard для iOS, версия 1.0.6

    Привет всем пользователям Adguard для iOS! У нас отличные новости! Сегодня вышла новая версия, и наиболее заметное новшество — ручной блокировщик рекламы. Те, кто знакомы с версиями Adguard для Windows, Mac, или даже просто с нашими браузерными расширениями, уже знают про Помощника и...
  6. avatar

    AdGuard 5.6 release

    Good day! We are finally ready to present a new version of Adguard -- version 5.6. This version includes a lot of very important changes and improvements. Greatest features planned for the next releases could not be added without version 5.6 changes. Let's talk about the most...