1. yigido

    Firefox News & Release Notes

  2. M

    Visually hide ads in Apple News on macOS?

    I'm using the desktop version of AdGuard on the latest macOS... ads in the News app are getting blocked, but they're not cosmetically getting removed from the page. Anyone know of a way to hide them altogether? Without having access to the browser widget, I'm not sure of a way to manually do...
  3. vasily_bagirov

    New AdGuard forum engine!

    Hi! It was time to update our forum engine once again. Now we use Xenforo 2.1.3. What has changed? - Visuals, obviously. The forum looks different now! For better or for worse - you tell us :) - Two new styles. You can never have enough different styles (judging by experience). - HTML5/BB code...
  4. SergZZZ

    AdGuard 1.5.8 Mac OS Mojave News App ads slipping through

    I have just updated my Mac to new Mojave OS and AdGuard works well in Safari 12 and other apps like Reeder, but it's not blocking ads in newly released Apple News app, articles are showing ads. Anyone else experiencing similar issues?
  5. vasily_bagirov

    New Year holidays/break - entering 'lazy' mode

    Hello to everyone! Hope you had a nice Christmas! But now New Year is approaching, and in Russia first days of the new year are traditionally holidays. Coincidentally, we are based in Russia :) And this means that for the first week or so of the 2017 forum will work in 'lazy' mode - response...
  6. vasily_bagirov

    2016 Christmas sale & tablet giveaway

    Hello and Merry Christmas! We have reeeeallly good news for everyone who already feels the spirit of Christmas and wants to celebrate with Adguard. We offer 50% discount on all keys for 2 devices and more; this also applies to extending old licenses, the only requirement is the same: the...
  7. Gass

    Edward Snowden streaming LIVE at on November 10!

    Join us on Thursday, November 10, for an exclusive free post-election livestream Q&A with Edward Snowden. The world’s most famous whistleblower will address questions about how the US Election results will affect your privacy and his pardon, as well as other questions submitted via social media...