1. Flipmode

    Why no mention of 3.3 ANYWHERE???

    Please, as previously requested, create a topic for NIGHTLY releases in a sensible location, so it can actually be found guys! This is ridiculous that even Google, etc cannot find any Nightly release notes. I cannot see 3.3.18 anywhere.... This is the Android category! Please...
  2. N

    AdGuard Protection Status notification keeps popping up every few seconds

    Using the latest AdGuard Nightly, I have my notification set to "Sound and Popup" which in the past worked correctly and only showed notification one time, now it shows it every few second. Is this a bug? I can create a GitHub issue if this is a bug, in my opinion AdGuard should not trigger the...
  3. Flipmode

    Impossible to find Category Change Log & Version History!

    There needs to be a topic under each device category that details the latest Nightly, latest Beta andand latest Stable, detailing all changeschanges and where youyou can downloaddownload the current or old version! It is impossible to find any details. I see topicstopics for versions that are...
  4. R

    Adguard Windows 7.0 nightly does not work....

    The 3 latest nightly versions of Adguard Windows keep on crashing each time at system startup. I get a red exclamation in the system tray and the main window says the adguard service could not be started up and to contact the adguard support team.... A complete uninstall and reinstall does not...
  5. Lukas R.

    Alpha/Beta tester

    Cheers! Just quickly wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My Name is Lukas, 21 years young and from germany (so excuse miss spellings please:)) I´m happy that i got accepted and look positive in the future, i´ll send Bug or glitch reportes in the dedicated forum and will do my best to...
  6. N

    AdGuard not working on a multi-user computer

    Hi! Basically AdGaurd works as expected on one user, but when using a different user, AdGaurd is open and running, but somehow not “active”. The only way to get it to work is to click “Reset Settings...”. But even after I do that, when I go back into my other user account, I will have to do...
  7. patrickdrd

    1) nightly builds tracker and 2)hosts file importing

    how can I track nightly builds? is there any url to track when a new one is out and changelog? also is there any (other) way to add a hosts file (with entries such as "" besides replacing with "||^"?)
  8. R

    XDA Labs App Still Not Working w/Nightlys

    2.12.60n still preventing the XDA labs app from working even though the log doesn't show anything being blocked. Using a non rooted ANS UL40 w/Nougat 7.1.1 & ARMv7, no firewall.