1. D

    AdGuard can't start protection if NordVPN runs.

    Title says it. Since around 2 days ago the desktop application of AdGuard can't start, gives me a bunch of popups about "error, can't start" and "DNS protection failed". After trying reinstalls and updating everything and my non existing dog, i figured out that it only fails if NordVPN is...
  2. Frank M.

    Compatibility of Adguard with Nord or Surfshark VPN

    Hi, I am using Adguard release (CL-1.8.276, DNS-1.6.72) on macOS 12.1. Monterey. Are there any known issues when using Adguard alongside either Nord VPN or Surfshark VPN? Do I need to apply specific settings when using AG with either said VPN? I am yet undecided for which VPN...
  3. O

    How to use Adguard (Android) together with Nord VPN?

    I have Adguard installed on my Android device and I added proxy server like: Proxy Type: SOCKS5 Proxy Host: Port: 1080 Proxy Username: Proxy Password: MyPassword I believe that proxy host is not obfuscated, since Nord VPN's server list doesn't list...
  4. X

    How to use Nordvpn with adguard - Non rooted

    Hello there so am trying to use the adguard with the vpn but nothing is working at all so could i get some help please . the things i did and followed the guide am using the latest adugard app 3.0 1- turn off...
  5. RaulilloPR

    NordVPN Proxy in Windows

    When I try to use the proxy with Nordvpn, I use the exact same settings I use in Mobile version, but in windows version is not working, it gives me the error "the proxy is dead or the configuration is invalid" the error is instant like if its not even trying.
  6. A

    Blocked sites by ISP not accessable under Proxy Mode with NordVPN.

    Hi there, I'm trying to get Adguard to work with NordVPN under proxy mode. The proxy server adblocker works with unblocked sites however I'm facing issues with blocked sites being unaccessible even with the proxy on. My DNS addresses were leaking so I fixed the issue by using NordVPN DNS in app...
  7. T

    NordVPN and Adguard

    Have licenses for both Windows and Android for Adguard. Recently decided to purchase a VPN package, and went with NordVPN since it was one of the three your documentation referenced. They appear to work fine together on Windows. On Android (Pixel 2 XL) my phone is not rooted. I setup proxy...
  8. B

    Help on configuration

    Hello. I have a question regarding the configuration on OSX and iOS. First of all I installed on both platform Adguard and Pro (iOS) and NordVPN. Here is my configuration: 1. Airport Extreme - DNS used are OpenDNS Home custom 2. OSX latest version - DNS used are OpenDNS Home custom 3. iOS...