1. T

    Notification Frequency

    Using Windows 10 and Google Chrome, around once an hour or so I see a pop up (in the bottom right of the screen) about some site being blocked. What is this about? I do see the small numeral figure when pop ups get blocked by the AdGuard extension icon. But why is it once an hour rather than...
  2. Gass

    AdGuard's Update Policy

    Hello Adguard Team, I know that Adguard updates itself by it's program Update Settings, either by silent automatic updates or use beta channel for updates. So when I mentioned "Policy" in my threads title I'm asking for more information actually. When a new "stable release" matures from beta...
  3. F

    Remove o Hide Icon Key on status bar

    Hi, How I can hide the key icon on status bar? In a post I read that you cant because it is controlled by Android, but surely there's a way. It is very annoying key icon. I want to buy this app, but I'm not sure with this icon. Thanks and congratulations for this amazing app. Note: I have...
  4. diggmc

    Q: Application Update Notification?

    Hi I bought (lifetime) and installed AdGuard for Android v2.0.67 some time back and I'm sure I received an email informing me of a software update but I can't find it in my gmail archive so I might be mistaken. Anyhow I've not been by the site for quite a while and was running 2.1.240...
  5. J

    Permanent notification WITHOUT key-icon in status bar - it is possible

    Hi, just have purchased my license, thanks. (Android 4.x/5.x) There is just one annoying thing: The key-icon in status bar. Many apps have the same problem, when permanent notification is needed. Usually they set the icon invisible (or have A user option to do it). Advantage: - It is not...