1. S

    Adguard with mail client (i.e. Outlook)

    I've installed the Outlook app on my phone and had trouble setting up my mail (IMAP). After some random turning off and on actions I was able to setup the client. But then I noticed I wasn't able to send of receive mails. I've alsof tried a different mail client and was unable to setup my mail...
  2. G

    Links from Outlook - Protocol Error

    Hi, I am on macOs Mojave 10.16.6 using AdGuard nightly ( and since the last month or so, I have been unable to open links from my emails in Outlook for Mac (version 16.52). It used to work without any problems, and I didn't change anything to my AdGuard settings (so perhaps it's...
  3. M

    [Resolved] Adguard Assistant and Outlook FindTime

    Hello, today I found an issue related to Adguard Assistant and the Outlook FindTime plugin. When enabled , you will receive an error message (sorry that it is in German, but it does not have much details anyway): Simply disabling Adguard Assistant fixes it but this is not a sensible...
  4. U

    [bug] Outlook does not download attachments

    Outlook does not download attachments when Adguard is enabled on Android. Account type is IMAP. Adguard version: 3.1.0 beta OS version: Android 9 Filters: Default HTTPS filtering: on
  5. Q

    Cannot add Outlook email, push email from Outlook email

    With some recent update, I found out that there is no way to add Outlook email, or push email from Outlook email with running AdGuard. If I turn off AdGuard, the Outlook works normally. I have tried to see what domain is blocked in Filter log and added these domain in white list but it does not...
  6. Tiago Calhau

    Adguard Icon Does Not Appear Inside Outlook.com

    I wonder why Agent Adguard no longer appears in my outlook email? I would like to see it again within outlook