1. A

    Stopped working with Pandora

    I'm quite new to using AdGuard. It works better than anything else I've tried. It was working on Pandora. It had a little popup saying it was having trouble. I assume because it couldn't load an ad. When I got up this morning, I hit play and suddenly I was getting ads. The AdGuard logo was no...
  2. N

    [*] Pandora radio (on Android)

    Pandora audio ads are still playing on the android app. I am using the new version with HTTPS filter and the VPN server setup and block DNS enabled. I saw an old thread saying once HTTPS filtering was added to the new Adguard version that it should work. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks :)
  3. Yavor Atanasov

    [Closed] Pandora radio ads

    Hello adguard team, Hi again Vasily, Like you suggested I opening thread here. I using last version of Pandora radio from Google play store (v. 7.1) and I have ads every few songs. I have pic ads (see the picture) and sound commercials. Google play music radio audio and picture ads are gone like...