parental controls

  1. J

    password for parental control

    I´m about to configure AdGuard for my 10 yo niece using a Family safe DNS, is great, and is enough for her but I would want to see a feature like in other parental control apps that can´t be deactivated without password, would be optional for the user.
  2. C

    Parental Control on yourself

    Howdy folks. I'm trying out Adguard for Windows. I already have it on my iPhone and it seems to work well. On my iPhone, I have the adult content filters turned on, which would be effective for anyone using the phone (including myself). I expected similar functionality for the Windows version...
  3. J

    Mobicip BSOD with AdGuard

    I recently installed Adguard and was just about to purchase it when my son's session started having the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). I'm using Windows 10 64 bit and everything has been just fine. When I use my session I have no issues at all and Adguard does a great job locking what I don't...