1. kalistiana

    PayPal API To Purchase AdGuard

    I love services Adguard has to provide. AdguardDNS, its privacy policy, Its Protocols and Filters. I'm In Love with it. To show some support to the developers who work hard to protect the privacy of people who do no good to them. I want to purchase a paid subscription but there's a problem...
  2. B


    Hi. I cannot access PayPal. I can type my ID, login and verification code, but then I go back to password screen. I am stuck in a loop. I add to my whitelist but it does not change anything. In order to reach my account I need to disable Adguard. Any help will be appreciated. Bruno
  3. nospame

    [Resolved] Paypal Fishing

    I try to open and it sends me to Im concerned about using Adguard Extension (for Safari, macOS). *Actually it is Adguard DNS who might be doing it. I uninstalled Adguard extension.
  4. Bushido

    Assistant icon missing at

    There is no Assistant icon at
  5. S

    paypal purchase failure??

    with less than 2 full days into my 14-day trial, I purchased adguard for 2 devices and paid with paypal. the paypal process went smoothly as expected, and the webpage returned "Thank you for purchasing Adguard!" and provided me with a license key password. I also received an email receipt from...
  6. M

    Paypal purchase?

    Hey guys, is it possibe to pay for adguard with PayPal? :rolleyes: