1. B


    Hi. I cannot access PayPal. I can type my ID, login and verification code, but then I go back to password screen. I am stuck in a loop. I add to my whitelist but it does not change anything. In order to reach my account I need to disable Adguard. Any help will be appreciated. Bruno
  2. nospame

    [Resolved] Paypal Fishing

    I try to open and it sends me to Im concerned about using Adguard Extension (for Safari, macOS). *Actually it is Adguard DNS who might be doing it. I uninstalled Adguard extension.
  3. Bushido

    Assistant icon missing at

    There is no Assistant icon at
  4. S

    paypal purchase failure??

    with less than 2 full days into my 14-day trial, I purchased adguard for 2 devices and paid with paypal. the paypal process went smoothly as expected, and the webpage returned "Thank you for purchasing Adguard!" and provided me with a license key password. I also received an email receipt from...
  5. M

    Paypal purchase?

    Hey guys, is it possibe to pay for adguard with PayPal? :rolleyes: