1. VasqueZ

    dischrdapp This site introduces a virus to the computer. Malware and phishing
  2. N

    Мошенники с OLX отправляют фишинг (под предлогом "они покупают товар, вот ссылка, где надо карту указать, чтобы получить денег")
  3. G

    Does Adguard for Safari have malware protection

    Hi. I've used both Adguard for Chrome and Adguad for Safari browser extensions. They both have 3 filters in the Security category. But Adguard for Chrome also have that toggle Phishing and malware protection in General settings. I couldn't find anything like that in Adguard for Safari browser...
  4. A

    [Решено] Phishing Steam

    Все сайты имеют фейковую авторизацию Стим, воруют аккаунты
  5. jatenk

    [*] Safari extension: IFTTT mail notification link and the site behind the redirection get blocked

    I get mail notifications from IFTTT for new posts on two specific subreddits; they link to followed by a random, individual sequence of characters which then redirects to the new post. They usually work perfectly, but today AdGuard's malware & phishing filter blocked one specific link...
  6. D

    Phishing and Malware Protection

    The desktop extension has phishing and malware protection. I'd like to see this added to the iOS version.