pop up ads

  1. A

    [Android] It stops ads but still opening new window

    I am watching cartoons on this website. I open Samsung Internet and just choose a player (mostly openload.io) and that's super great that ads are actually stopped (warning - some of pop-ups after hitting "play" contain "adult ads" - if you open the link without AdGuard) but, unlike the Mac/Pc...
  2. SpartacusSystem

    A vigorous, no pop up pages feature!

    In uBlock Origin, it is possible to toggle all pop-up pages from a site of your choice ( This stops those click a link/video/captcha etc prventing them from opening up other windows taking you to popupads.net for example or to find a horny single lady in your area.) If there's a way to...
  3. S

    Pop ups started again after update to 2.1.267 Android phone

    Hi I updated my android phone yesterday following prompt to advise it was available. Now I'm getting plagued with pop up ads before I even do anything i.e. just open the phone's cover and unlock. Is this a problem with the latest version? Do I need to uninstall and reinstall an earlier...