pop ups

  1. George F. Rossi

    Pop ups

    I believe I have all the correct boxes checked as Adguard is killing all the ads except: while I'm at a site something shuts down whatever I'm on or reading and pops in with a Google app requesting me to download it. The apps usually are stupid games. I've tried everything for several weeks and...
  2. Сергей Ильин

    [*] http://kinozal.co/

    Сообщение с просьбой обновить браузер на kinozal.co например здесь-http://kinozal.co/film-009-1-konec-nachala-2013 (скрин) Так же редирект при нажатии кнопки плэй в 1 ом плеере и таймер в 5 ом плеере(скрин) также пустой рекламный блок справа. kinozal.co##div[id^="bn_"] ||os340.com^$third-party...
  3. R

    AdGuard malware Blocking Options

    Regards, if not much to ask, could be handy to have an option to not display the pop up website warning, it already bother to have many browser pages opened even if adguard blocked them. i know many people would like this feature think about it, the option will be like: Close malware website...