popup blocker

  1. twistedvincent

    Popup question

    I hope I didn't just screw things up. I have been getting an inordinate amount of popups recently and quite honestly completely forgot I had the Adguard blocker installed. Needless to say I THINK I was supposed to install a script from Greasyfork right? Anyway I need to be able to block a...
  2. Neur0toxine

    Не работает Popup Blocker в Pale Moon

    На странице тестирования прекрасно работает попандер, Popup Blocker не работает вообще никак. Пишу здесь, т.к. пользуюсь приложением под винду, но через менеджер юзерскриптов тоже никак.
  3. A

    6.2.424.2123 beta & LinkedIn Win 10 app - new pop-up blocker blocking all external links

    Am using AG 6.2.424.2123 on Windows 10 16299.15 (aka Fall Creators Update). The new AG Popup Blocker (v2.1.7) blocking script is blocking every external link from articles in the LinkedIn Windows 10 app (basically wrapped website). I've tried clicking the "Allow all pop-ups on this website"...