1. AdMuncherOrphan

    [Resolved] tugafree.net

    Site: http//tugafree.net On click blank area in page and or link it opens a popup ads to birdieulx.com/... which redirects to some other page (normally already blocked). How can I block that popup there? Seems to come from an encoded piece of js code near to bottom of page. ps: how to easily...
  2. Сергей Ильин

    [Решено] http://kinovo.cc/

    Редирект при нажатии кнопки плей в видеоплеере на kinovo.cc,например здесь-http://kinovo.cc/4877-tri-iksa-vozvraschenie-ksandera-keydzha-2017.html(скрин) Можно убрать так ||viddeostream.ru/sts*/$script ||novbrom.com^$third-party
  3. Сергей Ильин

    [Решено] http://film-online.org

    Редирект при нажатии на любом месте страницы например здесь-http://film-online.org/11572-hodyachie-mertvecy-7-sezon-the-walking-dead-season-7-2016.html