1. MarkToon

    Cloud sync of all settings/lists etc across devices

    Hi all, Have been a lurker around these parts here and there, and a lifetime subscriber of the product. I am wondering if there is any possibility to have a cloud sync feature for AdGuard on the Android platform, or all platforms for that matter. On my AdGuard account, I have 7 devices in...
  2. Scarlett Wolf

    [Решено] Будет ли премиум блокировать рекламу в YouTube?

    Реклама в ютюбе мне не мешает, но меня ужасно достала реклама бога после 12:00. Будет ли премиум AdGuard её блокировать?
  3. W

    Как отменить покупку пожизненной лицензии и вернуть средства?

    Сегодня купил пожизненную лицензию на ios девайс думая что лицензия распространяется на ПК тоже, поверил надписи на все устройства или что-то вроде этого, но где получить ключ для активации второго так и не нашел. Я так полагаю, что его и нет. Я хочу отменить покупку, как это сделать?
  4. C

    [Resolved]I didn't really know hwere to put this but I'm confused

    So, on my iPad when I click on DNS Privacy in the free version of AdGuard I can choose to pay $12.99 and it says 'pay once and use AdGuard Premium features on all your devices!' But, when I go to AdGuard's website and click the big green purchase button it tells me I have to pay 50 somethin...
  5. S

    Lifetime licence

    Hello folks, i have been a loyal Adguard pro user since years.i wanted to purchase the new lifetime licence for my PC and newly launched adguard 3.0,just wanted to confirm if 60 $ will include both or not?have been mailing to support staff since 48 hours but so far they have not replied!
  6. V

    Is this new? AdGuard Premium with DNS Privacy

    I am a AdGuard Pro User on iOS. I also have the normal App AdGuard installed. Today I got an update for the latter. There you can buy a Premium Version with DNS Privacy. Is this the same functionality that had AdGuard Pro, which wasn't allowed anymore from Apple? Or is this something new and...