1. S

    Lifetime licence

    Hello folks, i have been a loyal Adguard pro user since years.i wanted to purchase the new lifetime licence for my PC and newly launched adguard 3.0,just wanted to confirm if 60 $ will include both or not?have been mailing to support staff since 48 hours but so far they have not replied!
  2. zebrum

    AdGuard Pro for iOS v2.0.2

    Turned out, we overlooked a couple of minor bugs and inconsistencies in the v2.0 update. Here's a quick fix to set things right. [Fixed] Warning "Safari content blocker is disabled" sometimes disappears #691 [Fixed] Blocking List Subscription disappears in testflight v2.0 124 #575 [Improved]...
  3. zebrum

    AdGuard Pro для iOS 2.0.2

    Оказалось, что мы упустили несколько незначительных ошибок и несоответствий в версии 2.0.2 И вот что мы исправили: [Исправлено] Предупреждение "Блокировка контента Safari отключена" периодически исчезает #691 [Исправлено] Исчезают пользовательские подписки #575 [Улучшено] Обновлены переводы...
  4. J

    Does VPN icon show when using AdGuard Pro DNS

    I don't like the VPN icon showing when using fake VPN profiles Can someone confirm if using Adguard PRO DNS service, does the VPN icon show up on the status icon all the time? Also does it show up on the "VPN Configurations" section on the top half of VPN settings screen or on the "Personal...
  5. J

    AdGuard Pro and DNS Question

    I am using an app called DNSOverride DNS Override - set DNS for Wi-Fi and cellular on the App Store (paid feature) that allows one to set a custom DNS for both Wifi and Cellular networks I have then put in Adguard DNS server on this app so I am using Adguard protection service for both Wifi...
  6. D

    Is AdGuard Pro not compatible with any VPN apps?

    I live in China, and VPNs are pretty much compulsory here :/ The app description stated that it may not work with 'some' VPN apps - so does this mean that it will work with others? I currently use Astrill VPN, with it's dedicated app, and was wondering if it was compatible with Adguard (or...