1. B

    Problems with Adguard Mac.

    I use AdGuard and AdGuard VPN on my Mac and have problems with both. 1. AdGuard for Mac If I specify "Network Extension" in the "Automatic Proxy Mode" in the automatic filtering settings to applications, I am always asked for additional permissions by the OS when I start my Mac. I work around...
  2. I

    Adguard for Windows DNS settings does not work on windows 11

    DNS setting by Adguard for Windows does not work after updating to windows 11 latest version. It uses the DNS set on my router. By manually setting the Adguard DNS IP address directly in windows 11 it works. Often when you refresh the Adguard testing page in a brief period, you will find that...
  3. 4

    Big Sur problems on many apps

    Spark email client cannot sync ( cannot receive / send emails ) 1Password client cannot sync AirDroid cannot login Some warn icons on Calendar app Application version release (CL-1.7.119) with Premium License I filtered the listed apps but didn't solve the problem
  4. T

    Adguard won't enable/activate/turn on

    I just turn it off. So I can't reactivate it. I click on the button but nothing happens. No messages, no error, nothing. I'm using a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019) with Catalina 10.15.6
  5. K

    AdGuard Android App Plus AdGuard DNS Down?

    Hello AdGuard. I have your Android App and use your DNS in my router, but they appear to be down. It could be something else, but I'm able to connect to the internet with my phone by turning off AdGuard DNS VPN and by using my Spectrum default DNS servers. When I try to enable the Android app...
  6. G

    Extension userscript problem! Help me!

    I installed a bad userscript and i removed it. But it continues in Chrome Browser and displays a message the its really annoying. What can i do to fix it? Where are the userscripts are stored and where in chrome i can delete the remainders. And of course i deleted the cache of Chrome but nothing...
  7. FLYeRNeT

    Problem with AdGuard on my office wifi Network only

    Hello, When I use AdGuard on my personnal wifi network (Freebox) and on another WIFI (Livebox) the application blocks the advertising as expected, but when I'm at my office on a Hotspot Wifi network, with the same AdGuard configuration as my personal network, AdGuard blocks almost everything...
  8. S

    [Resolved]License Problem

    Hello. I have a lifetime license for mobile version 1 year ago. When I tried to activate the license, I received the warning that the usage right was expired. However, I tried to use the license on the same phone for re-installing the program after format. I'm waiting for your immediate help on...
  9. ks5z3tit6h

    [Resolved]Problem uninstalling Adguard

    Uninstalling Adguard leaves these files and they cannot be deleted.
  10. M

    Slow internet speeds when AdGuard is on

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is normal for most users or not, but when AdGuard is active, my internet speeds slow down by over 10 Mbps. I usually get around 23 - 30 Mbps when AdGuard is disabled, when it's on, it drops to between 12 - 17 Mbps. For me that's a big difference, and causes big...
  11. freshhh

    AdGuard for Android (all versions) is freezing/crashing when you try to edit firewall rules

    AdGuard for Android (all versions) is freezing/crashing when you try to edit firewall rules if you've an "important" amount of apps installed… how to reproduce? 100% reproduction rate with all builds install more than 250 apps then try to edit firewall rules (wi-fi / data) AdGuard won't...
  12. I

    Problem with Opera

    How to make force Adguard filter Opera? Because Opera needs some certificate.
  13. E


    Salve, con l'estensione beta v3.0.3, ma anche con la classica versione 2.10.14 sto avendo difficoltà con reindirizzandomi su Ho eseguito la pulizia cookie e cache, ho inserito all'elenco di siti consentiti. Ciò non accade...
  14. nospame

    Youtube Replaying Videos

    When I open a youtube video, it plays for 2 seconds (aprox) and then it reload the video. Happens with AdGuard Safari extension. Doesn't happen with Adguard for Mac. MacOS High Sierra Macbook Pro (mid 2014) Filters: English Spyware Social Media Annoyances Safari AdBlock Warning Removal
  15. H

    Window spawning on top left

    when i open the adguard window it always opens on the top left corner where i cant drag it or move it. any help would be appreciated -----------
  16. E

    Problem with photo slideshow

    Hi I have problem with photo slideshow in this website i see only 1 or max 2 photo, wait, for try if working, i put this "" in withelist in family filter setting from menu (AGD...
  17. E

    Problem with Adguard foto Windows 10

    why i see the filtres that I have disabled from the settings when i click on check for update button? Version 6.2 beta premium lifetime license, until August 2019
  18. E

    Youtube possible solution

    Hi, i have adguard pro 2.10.56 beta with youtube, i folllow this step: and i'm going in setting>Apps>Scroll down until see Youtube app and open it>i click on deactivates with automatic uninstallation and factory installation...
  19. N

    [*] ads

    Hi there. I've been using the Adguard extension for chrome for more than a year now and I gotta say I'm quite happy with it. It's been blocking everything just fine, including ads. However recently (past 2 months) it stopped blocking ads for some reason. Every time I load a...
  20. S

    AdGuard vs. TomTom Go Mobile app

    Hi all, I am using Adguard 2.1 (2.1.267) on my non-rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N910F, Androi 6.0.1) and it is a perfect app! My current Adguard configuration is: - Local HTTP Proxy - proxy port 8080 - manual proxy mode - I have manual edited the APN settings (proxy, port 8080)...