1. freshhh

    AdGuard for Android (all versions) is freezing/crashing when you try to edit firewall rules

    AdGuard for Android (all versions) is freezing/crashing when you try to edit firewall rules if you've an "important" amount of apps installed… how to reproduce? 100% reproduction rate with all builds install more than 250 apps then try to edit firewall rules (wi-fi / data) AdGuard won't...
  2. I

    Problem with Opera

    How to make force Adguard filter Opera? Because Opera needs some certificate.
  3. E


    Salve, con l'estensione beta v3.0.3, ma anche con la classica versione 2.10.14 sto avendo difficoltà con reindirizzandomi su Ho eseguito la pulizia cookie e cache, ho inserito all'elenco di siti consentiti. Ciò non accade...
  4. nospame

    Youtube Replaying Videos

    When I open a youtube video, it plays for 2 seconds (aprox) and then it reload the video. Happens with AdGuard Safari extension. Doesn't happen with Adguard for Mac. MacOS High Sierra Macbook Pro (mid 2014) Filters: English Spyware Social Media Annoyances Safari AdBlock Warning Removal
  5. H

    Window spawning on top left

    when i open the adguard window it always opens on the top left corner where i cant drag it or move it. any help would be appreciated -----------
  6. E

    Problem with photo slideshow

    Hi I have problem with photo slideshow in this website i see only 1 or max 2 photo, wait, for try if working, i put this "" in withelist in family filter setting from menu (AGD...
  7. E

    Problem with Adguard foto Windows 10

    why i see the filtres that I have disabled from the settings when i click on check for update button? Version 6.2 beta premium lifetime license, until August 2019
  8. E

    Youtube possible solution

    Hi, i have adguard pro 2.10.56 beta with youtube, i folllow this step: and i'm going in setting>Apps>Scroll down until see Youtube app and open it>i click on deactivates with automatic uninstallation and factory installation...
  9. N

    [*] ads

    Hi there. I've been using the Adguard extension for chrome for more than a year now and I gotta say I'm quite happy with it. It's been blocking everything just fine, including ads. However recently (past 2 months) it stopped blocking ads for some reason. Every time I load a...
  10. S

    AdGuard vs. TomTom Go Mobile app

    Hi all, I am using Adguard 2.1 (2.1.267) on my non-rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N910F, Androi 6.0.1) and it is a perfect app! My current Adguard configuration is: - Local HTTP Proxy - proxy port 8080 - manual proxy mode - I have manual edited the APN settings (proxy, port 8080)...