1. nospame

    TouchPal keyboard

    Is there a filter to block transfers so we could use keyboards like TouchPal (I'm on iOS)? The keyboard is way ahead of competition but they prefer to mine data instead of charging for the app. I use AdGuard DNS and AdGuard for Mobile Safari. I wrote two words and the app used 5kb (measured...
  2. W

    ins and fb loading slowly when i enable protection mode.

    when i enable protection mode for win, my ins and fb pages will loading very slowly even can't load. (i have used other proxy software."shadowsocks") when i change the mode to HTTP or disable,things reverted back to normal. (But actually HTTP mode doesn't work.)
  3. G

    [ANDROID] Run the app in background & Enable protection automatically as soon as the app is started

    When I have exited the Adugard App, it says that the Protection is disabled, I'll have to manually enable it. It would be good, if the protection is automatically started when the app is started. Also, why is the VPN connection closed when the App is closed? Could not the app run in background...
  4. Gass

    Do AdGuard Users Want Additional Privacy Protection Tools

    As we're all being a part of ADGUARD - it's been suggested (to me) in asking you to have your say as Adguard Users in what exactly of additional Privacy Protecting Tools do you see a need/want for of yourself, browsers and systems in the online protections which that ADGUARD should provide...