proxy access

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    In Adguard VPN mode, can the application only pass through Adguard without the Clash proxy?

    As the title says, some software does not need to go through the Clash proxy, but needs Adguard to go to advertising, how should I deal with it
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    AdGuard don't connect to Proxy SOCKS5

    I have tried to connect to the following free SOCKS 5 proxy using AdGuard settings and it always gives connection error: IP: Port: 32580 However in Telegram if it works for me, any idea why AdGuard does not connect, but Telegram does?
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    Adguard Via Proxy Shortcuts

    I've put in a feature request to support, but I wanted to throw it here too for the general public. I'm looking for enhanced functionality of the AdGuard app that will enable a shortcut, so that I can access the Proxy screen under Network rather than clicking through the app screens to reach...