1. H

    best method with root on Pixel - having issues need your expertise

    So, I've already moved the HTTPS cert to the root directory via magisk module so it's not considered a personal https cert any longer. I kept getting ~55+ notifications a day from adaway saying x, y , z apps didnt' support the certificate, so I turned off notifications for "Other" from adaway...
  2. H

    Widget for connecting to proxy

    Really would love widgets for enabling/disabling proxy connection routing. (NOT THE FILTERING METHOD) Also widget for selecting which proxy to connect to, to test connection, etc. I know some other devices can create shortcuts with this option. Device specs Samsung Galaxy S20u OneUI 4.0...
  3. G

    Domain name excluded, but the page still shows an error?!

    Hello everyone, the following dating website doesn't accept proxy servers or a VPN. Therefor I have excluded this whole domain name in the AdGuard VPN settings but when I do that I still get the following error message on the browser page, see screenshot in attachment...
  4. M

    AdGuard don't connect to Proxy SOCKS5

    I have tried to connect to the following free SOCKS 5 proxy using AdGuard settings and it always gives connection error: IP: Port: 32580 However in Telegram if it works for me, any idea why AdGuard does not connect, but Telegram does?
  5. S

    NordVPN proxy server not working

    I'm following this wiki : I've tried with many servers (not obfuscated) across many countries. I get "Unable to connect to proxy" when clicking on "check connection". I'm on latest Adguard version. I'm in local...
  6. N

    PIA Proxy & Local Proxy

    Hi! I'm trying out this app and I'm in the trial phase. I have an S8+ non-rooted, and I use PIA VPN. Upon first loading the app, "Protection is disabled", I added a VPN proxy under "settings > network > proxy" and it is enabled and connects when tested. Unfortunately trying to enable protection...
  7. A

    Blocked sites by ISP not accessable under Proxy Mode with NordVPN.

    Hi there, I'm trying to get Adguard to work with NordVPN under proxy mode. The proxy server adblocker works with unblocked sites however I'm facing issues with blocked sites being unaccessible even with the proxy on. My DNS addresses were leaking so I fixed the issue by using NordVPN DNS in app...
  8. L

    Use AdGuard as an HTTP proxy

    It says: I does work as a proxy, but it does not filter anything from other devices wheter it would be computer or phone. How to solve this ?
  9. S

    AdGuard with Psiphon

    Hello. How could I make Psiphon to work with AdGuard? I saw other threads, like this one below: However, I couldn't figure out how to "configure proxy for each WiFi network manually", well actually...
  10. A

    Настройка Прокси-серверов

    Здравствуйте! В долгих попытках добавить прокси-сервера для фильтрации всего трафика, столкнулся с проблемами назначения портов и неподдерживаемых приложений при добавлении в целом, подскажите, пожалуйста, подробную, актуальную на данный момент, инструкцию, в которой будут всё расписано по...
  11. speedy

    Блокировки сайтов РКН

    Всем привет! Для разблокировки сабжа я пользуюсь proxy с .pac файлом от При работе Adguard настройки proxy игнорируются, сайты блокируются провайдером. Вопрос: Как совместить блокировку рекламы и доступ к заблокированным сайтам? Спасибо