1. C

    Enable DNS Protection in Adguard App via Terminal

    Hi guys! I just wondering, is there any way to enable and disable DNS Protection, via terminal mac? Thankyou!!
  2. yigido

    Filter Policy Dilemma

    I previously stated that "I will no longer submit anything to AdGuard" (even a long time user & supporter). I need help on the following behaviours of filter developers Firstly, I reported "Subscribe on Google News" button through Github bot. See Filter developer hide the button with...
  3. E

    Is adguard safe? compare to Avast?

    Hi everybody, Currently I am experiencing AdGuard, I feel quite good, but in terms of utility, it is not enough experience. Has anyone ever stopped Avast? almost the same, but I found Avast has a few more features but we need to pay for it. What do you think of it?
  4. CyanoTex

    [Question] Do I still need AdGuard's filters if I have Energized?

    Hello, Since I have Energized Basic and Regional installed and enabled on Adguard, are these still needed or do I have to keep one/some of them on? Thank you, CyanoTex