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    Can query using DoH but DoT and DoQ time out + DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE

    Tried to connect to query server via DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-QUIC using Adguard VPN on Windows and iOS. My VPS has a domain name is has a SSL cert from Let's Encrypt.
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    AdGuard needs HTTP/3 with QUIC Support

    Hi, Now that QUIC Version 1.0 is out, sure would be nice if AdGuard would support it. :) See: https://blog.cloudflare.com/quic-version-1-is-live-on-cloudflare/ Can test your browser @ QUIC | Cloudflare (cloudflare-quic.com) to see if HTTP/3 with QUIC is working. I managed to get working with...
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    When I add a custom DNS over QUIC, the application closes and the configuration is not saved

    Good afternoon and thanks in advance. When I add a custom DNS over TLS, it saves correctly. I need to add a DNS over QUIC to add NextDNS. Thanks
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    [Resolved]QUIC protocol filtering control

    Hi, I've recently installed AdGuard and am impressed with how elegant and comprehensive a solution it is. The filtering log is very useful to get an idea of all the traffic that is normally hidden with interesting little surprises. One of these was the occurrence of occasional QUIC protocol...