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    How replace Router's DNS with AdGuard Home's Address?

    Hi Community, I'm a newbie. I installed AdGuard home on a Raspberry Pi. I followed the instructions and created UI and it's asking me to add/replace my modem/router DNS/DHCP with adguard's address. I have a Netgear c6300 modem/router. My modem is not accepting the address as a DNS server...
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    AdGuard Raspberry Docker - Allow local Docker

    Hello, I need some support. I have a Raspberry Pi installed. On it, in a DockerHub, I run the installation of AdGuard Home (https://hub.docker.com/r/adguard/adguardhome). Besides that I run other Dockers with other programs that access the internet. Now I have the problem that after a few...
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    Adguard Home Linux Block Ads from Youtube

    Hi everyone! Im using adguard on linux raspberry pi 4 and building a filter of custom blacklist on webUI. There's some way to block youtube's ads in javascript? Regards.
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    AdGuard Home on RaspberryPi doesnt block WhatsApp?

    Hey there, dont know if im right here but... just installed AdGuardHome on Raspberry Pi and found that checkbox "block whatsapp" it seams that it doesnt work at all? normal chat is still working? all other services like facebook and co get blocked? greets from germany Laufwerk