1. A

    [Resolved][iOS] Job site redirects, can’t figure it out.

    I receive daily emails regarding job prospects in the U.K. the site connected to when clicking (which seems to instantly forward) is and then seemingly forwards to a couple different pages. the sites seemingly involved have all been added to the whitlist (frankly I don’t have the...
  2. H

    How do I redirect a url?

    I am trying to redirect any url that starts with ""www.reddit" to "old.reddit" so for example whenever I visit "" it would automatically redirect me to "" I have used this...
  3. Bushido

    [Windows 10 64-bit] Redirecting doesn't function

    When I tried to connect my account with social network (Google), then Google's redirecting page stopped. It did not reload or redirected and so the connecting did not worked. After disabling Adguard service, the redirecting worked.
  4. N

    [Решено] - редиректит по клику в любом месте [Win10, браузерное расширение]

    Приветствую. Собственно суть в заголовке, кликаешь по странице в любом месте, открывается новая вкладка с адресом и далее по цепочке переходов открывается страница с рекламой, или подозрением на фишинг. Повторить можно единожды в сутки, или удалив куки...
  5. AdMuncherOrphan

    Globo newspaper login bypass

    Dear valuable users, I need help for a filter to bypass the redirect to login page on load O Globo Brazilian newspaper articles where content is an "opinion" from them. Example...
  6. Z

    Simple custom user filter not woking... :-(

    Hi, I'm trying to make a custom filter to redirect url or change part of the response but I can't make it to work! Source: I tried replacing the word "fail" with the word "error" in the response using the following filter: Filter...