1. zebrum

    AdGuard for Windows v6.2.437

    Over the last weeks, we've received several reports about bugs that slithered in the latest release. They turned out to be both moderately important and relatively easy to fix, so we decided to release a new update off-schedule. [Fixed] "Reinstall certificate" feature does not work in Firefox...
  2. Gass

    AdGuard's Update Policy

    Hello Adguard Team, I know that Adguard updates itself by it's program Update Settings, either by silent automatic updates or use beta channel for updates. So when I mentioned "Policy" in my threads title I'm asking for more information actually. When a new "stable release" matures from beta...
  3. vasily_bagirov

    AdGuard для Android: версия 2.5

    Не так давно мы объявили о скором выходе новой версии Adguard для Android, и сегодня мы держим свое обещание, выпуская Adguard 2.5. Вы увидите как множество исправлений старых багов, так и новые функции, и некоторые из них ОЧЕНЬ круты. Если вы следите за нашим блогом или форумом, то вы уже...
  4. avatar

    AdGuard for Safari released

    Hello all! Finally Adguard for Safari has been released to Safari Extensions. You can get it by this link. Thanks to all beta testers for the help and feedback!
  5. avatar

    AdGuard 5.7 release

    Good day everyone! Adguard 5.7 version is finally ready to release. Adguard 5.7 provides the following new features: + A more perfect way for filtration with a new network driver Adguard now uses a network driver instead of an old filtering module. This helped us greatly with fixing...
  6. avatar

    Релиз версии 5.7

    Добрый день! Пришло время объявить об официальном релизе Adguard 5.7. Этот релиз приносит с собой множество очень важных изменений. Новые функции в версии 5.7: + Новый, более совершенный механизм фильтрации Теперь Adguard использует для фильтрации сетевой драйвер. Это позволило нам...
  7. avatar

    AdGuard 5.5 release

    Good day! We have finally released a new version -- Adguard 5.5. Attention, Adguard 4 is going out of support. Added: + QT Web browser support + Sleipnir browser support + Extended logging + Filtration is enabled on big range of ports (not only 80) + In proxy mode Adguard...