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    Request: Remove all Pinterest Results from Google

    Hi Everyone, Pinterest is like tumor growing on Google and you can't do a proper search without it crapping up your search results. I came across the below for ublock origin which removes and hides both any Pinterest results in a Google Search as well any images on the images tab for Pinterest...
  2. M

    Removal Instructions for AdGuard

    Hi, i have installed it, and avg says is malware, i wanna know hot to fully remove it?, i can't see it on apps. Thanks
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    Remove o Hide Icon Key on status bar

    Hi, How I can hide the key icon on status bar? In a post I read that you cant because it is controlled by Android, but surely there's a way. It is very annoying key icon. I want to buy this app, but I'm not sure with this icon. Thanks and congratulations for this amazing app. Note: I have...