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    How Is Priority Decided in Reporting Tool?

    Hi, When submitting a report using the built-in reporting tool of the Firefox extension, a priority label is automatically added to the created GitHub issue. Just wondered - how does it decide which priority to add? For example, what makes it that some reports will have "P1: Critical" and...
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    Support Pasting Screenshot in Reporting Tool?

    Hi, Would it be possible to add support for pasting a screenshot from the clipboard into the "Submit a screenshot" section of the reporting tool? This could be quite convenient and be in addition to the existing methods of specifying an image via a URL or uploading a local file. Thanks.
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    Make Screenshots Optional in Reporting Tool?

    Hi, The AdGuard Reporting Tool is great overall. However, would it be possible to consider making screenshots recommended but optional (providing a text description has been written)? I've often seen reports where the submitter has used a "placeholder" screenshot because they didn't want to...
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    [*] - missed video ad [Windows]

    Hello, I had a missed ad today (video with sound, very annoying one) I wanted to use the "report a missed ad tool" that I had before but I can't find it since the 6.0 update. Could you please tell me where I can find it or what replaced...