1. D

    Adguard Pro DNS blacklist rules

    What are the rules for DNS's blacklist? Can I just simply copy Simplified domain names filter or other filters to blacklist?
  2. Cool_Nick_Name

    Suggested whitelist/blacklist based on device

    I just installed Adguard on my Nextbit Robin, and one of it's key features is the cloud integration. This was being blocked by Adguard by default, so it got me wondering. I just manually disabled AdGuard filtering for the Nextbit system apps, but if someone else installs it on a Robin they will...
  3. Gass

    FCC to make waves again This Week!

    Listen up Americans, you have a small window (till Thursday May 18th when they vote or close the comments down - I'm not sure of which), to tell FCC your opinions to the further cuts their going to undertake just This Week. Your Voice could make a Big difference and reprieve these harms to us by...
  4. Gass

    AdGuard Forum - Terms of Service and Rules

    Hello Adguard Forum members, If your not familiar with or know how to find the forums - Terms of Service and Rules they can be found here Gass
  5. A

    Add firewall rule when an app try to connect to internet for the first time

    Hello Dev, I would like to make a request for the firewall functionality, Its like this rather than going into firewall setting and create a rule for specific app there, Is it possible for you to create a functionality that if an app tries to connect to internet for the first time we get a...