samsung internet

  1. Orazio

    [Resolved]Anti-AMP! and browser history

    Hi. In the latest version of AdGuard "3.4 Nightly 20 (99)" with this extension enabled, the history of my browser (Samsung Internet) loses one or more previously visited pages. Can you doing something about it? Thanks
  2. R

    UI improvement AdGuard Content Blocker 2.3.7

    Hello dear AdGuard team, The main page of the content blocker app still contains the old icon of Samsung Internet Browser, see screen shot. The new Samsung browser has a new icon for almost a year now. Maybe better change this, to create a look that is up-to-date :) Thanks, Rik
  3. M

    Block cookies per domain

    Hi, Is it possible to block cookies per a domain, say for example I want to block all cookies from ""? I'm using AdGuard v2.1.2 for Samsung Internet v7.4 Thanks in advance.