1. knightnet

    Google Search tracking link removal?

    Hi all, first post here. I have a bookmarklet that I've written that removes all of the tracking data from links on the Google Search page. const items = document.getElementsByTagName('a'); for (const i of items) { if ( i.onmousedown || i.getAttribute('data-ved') )...
  2. S

    Adguard breaks duckduckgo search suggestions in Firefox

    Hello When Adguard is turned on it breaks duckduckgo search suggestions in the address bar in Firefox. I tested it on 2 devices running Android Pie. As soon as I turn Adguard off search suggestions work again. Is there a fix?
  3. D

    YouTube Search history

    Hi, I've read on reddit that adding '' to whitelist will allow the search history to work on the YouTube app for Android, this worked for me for couple of months, but stopped again. Please tell me how to fix this, thanks