service for filtering

  1. A

    Настройка Прокси-серверов

    Здравствуйте! В долгих попытках добавить прокси-сервера для фильтрации всего трафика, столкнулся с проблемами назначения портов и неподдерживаемых приложений при добавлении в целом, подскажите, пожалуйста, подробную, актуальную на данный момент, инструкцию, в которой будут всё расписано по...
  2. Bushido

    [Solved] Adguard RAM usage

    Hello, after booting the laptop, I noticed that the service of Adguard for Windows (AdguardSvc.exe) uses about 60 MB RAM. During the time when I noticed it, I had no web-browser running. When I had noticed 60 MB RAM, then I opened web-browser and the RAM usage dropped to about 12-13 MB RAM. So...
  3. B

    "Service for filtering network traffic was not started correctly."

    Anyone else get this issue? I updated from 1.4 build 370 to 372, and it came up with this error message. I initially downgraded the software back to 370 from the Trash and it started working again. After emailing the Support Team, I uninstalled the software as per the instructions and...