1. D

    Webpage performance down 70%

    I've noticed websites are loading insanely slow when adguard is enabled. I'm using vpn and https filtering on a pixel XL running Android 8 (I didn't upgrade to 8.1 Because I heard there are issues in Google phones) I was using custom dns and i shut that off but it didn't really help. Is the...
  2. Bastet

    Use iCloud to backup settings.

    I have AG on both my iPad & iPhone so would like to keep them in sync, currently if I add a site to the whitelist on my iPad I also have to manually add it to my iPhone AG. Would it be possible to utilise iCloud to backup the settings for filter rules, settings & user lists to keep all devices...
  3. L

    Return AdGuard to DEFAULT settings

    To return Adguard to default settings: Right-click on Adguard icon in tray, choose 'Advanced' -> 'Reset settings to defaults'.
  4. Rajeevan

    Sub menu 'Profile'

    Dear Adguard team, I request a sub menu 'Profile' to be added in Settings, preferably prior to 'General' where a user can view and edit his personal details including profile picture etc. You may also add an inbox showing messages, replies etc ..I hope there might be so many important...
  5. F


    :mad: False Positive - despite all efforts to resolve :mad: Hi there Can anybody assist please? I regularly use the Bingocams website which has a pop-out flash self-engined playsite, but every time it insists that it is an unsafe site & adguard "cannot run" on this site, despite my...