slow page loading

  1. D

    Speed test results very surprising

    I am surprised by the result of my speed test, comparing between: Safari with "Adguard for Safari" on pause, i.e. nothing is blocked Safari with "Adguard for Safari" active but all filters switched to OFF, i.e. nothing is blocked I loaded 7 ad heavy web pages and emptied Safari cache between...
  2. A

    AdGuard is slowing down Facebook loading speed significantly

    Hello, I recently started using AdGuard for Windows. I have noticed, AG completely slows down the website load speed. This is mostly noticable on the facebook website. Is there any fix / recommendation for this? I have attaced loading time I collected using the dev tool from the firefox browser.
  3. VasqueZ

    Slow Loading Site

    Hi, I installed AdGuard for Windows and when I try to enter for the first time it gives this error and sometimes the site loads 5-10 seconds late. For now, I'm just having a problem with the GitHub site. There is no problem when using the AdGuard extension.
  4. W

    AdGuard started to slow chrome down recently

    Approximately 2 weeks ago, my chrome started to be extremely slow, many websites just won't open at all (including reddit, stackoverflow etc.) See the video: Pages that didn't load in the video...
  5. K

    Firefox ESR problem

    I have this problem using FF ESR when Aguard is on. It is that randomly webpages takes about ten minutes to load. During all that time the status line says "transferring data from Reloading the page gives me it immediately. This is especially problematic when filling out...