1. D

    Slow or even no internet connection when Adguard is enabled

    Hey there, Since the last update to version 3.4 I noticed that my internet speed gets cut in half when enabling adguard. Often I can't even send or receive messages on various messengers like Telegram or WhatsApp. The messages are sending as soon as I turn of adguard. The same happens with...
  2. D

    AdGuard not functioning

    Hi , anyone facing windows or application freeze issues Im seriously annoying with this problem It was no problem before update to latest version Adguard filtering not functioning always whatever switch between legacy assistant or extension assistant in any browsers My machine info: Windows 10...
  3. M

    Slow internet speeds when AdGuard is on

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is normal for most users or not, but when AdGuard is active, my internet speeds slow down by over 10 Mbps. I usually get around 23 - 30 Mbps when AdGuard is disabled, when it's on, it drops to between 12 - 17 Mbps. For me that's a big difference, and causes big...
  4. R

    Very Slow Filtering. (Android 9.0 Mate 20 Pro).

    Hello, for a while it has been very slow to filter Web pages and sometimes even fails to do so it just hangs and that's on the WiFi that has been fine ever since I had adguard. What is going on as its forcing me to pause more often.
  5. A

    Slow internet speed when adguard enabled

    I got around 15 Mbps download speed when adguard is enabled but when I disabled adguard I got 100 Mbps download speed. Does adguard slow internet down?
  6. d0x

    Webpage performance down 70%

    I've noticed websites are loading insanely slow when adguard is enabled. I'm using vpn and https filtering on a pixel XL running Android 8 (I didn't upgrade to 8.1 Because I heard there are issues in Google phones) I was using custom dns and i shut that off but it didn't really help. Is the...
  7. iScriptShift

    WFP Network Driver Slow

    Hi there, so I am running a Trial of Adguard been a week and it's been really good. Looking forward to purchase it, it works just the way it should and the way I want it to be. But the only thing resisting me from buying right now is the Edge Blocking. I read on the forums the other day, I need...